GalterLists FAQs


Why would I want to use GalterLists?

GalterLists can be used to collect your favorite links and resources into one easily-accessible list. You can share them with others. One popular use of GalterLists is for reading assignments for departments, divisions, and journal clubs.


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Can more than one person edit a GalterList?

At the present time, only the creator of a GalterList can edit the list. If you have a list to be shared with a group, make sure that the person who will be updating it is the same person who owns the list. If you leave and need to turn a list over to someone else, contact us so we can make that switch for you. If for any reason you need to step in as editor of a list that someone else started, contact us. There is a way for multiple people to contribute to a collection of resources which is similar to several people editing a list. See this section of the GalterLists guide for instructions.


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Can I search GalterLists?

You can search titles and tags in GalterLists from the website search box on each library website page. After you perform your search, click on the Lists tab in the search results.


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Can I have more than one GalterList on my home page?

Yes, you can. When you log in, you will see any lists that belong to you or that you have favorited in the left-hand column. Anything under My Lists can be edited by you. Anything under My Favorites belongs to another user and cannot be edited by you.


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How do I know if anything new has been added in my specialty?

If we have recently added something to a Librarian-Created GalterList in your specialty, you will see a message on your signed-in home page indicating that there are new resources in your specialty. Click on the link in the message to be taken to these recent additions. At that point, you can add the resource to your GalterList if you so choose.


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Can I add all the journals from the library’s cardiology GalterList to my personal list?

You can and here are your options:

  • You must add each resource one at a time. 
  • You can add a link to the collection of journals on a particular list. On the subject list of your choice, choose the "journals" tag in the right-hand column. This will filter to just the journals in that subject list. At the end of the page, click the green Add to GalterLists button to add the entire page as a link to your personal GalterList. This will not add each journal as a separate entry on your list, but will add a link to the journal collection. One potential issue with this method is that you don't have control over what exists in that journal collection; someone else owns the original list and can change it at any time.

We are investigating options to copy entire lists of resources into your list.

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This FAQ page doesn't tell me how to create a list or add resources. Where can I find that information?

Most of your GalterLists questions can be answered with our comprehensive GalterList guide.


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Updated: August 31st, 2018 09:57