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Digital Systems and Collection Services

The Digital Systems and Collection Services Department encompasses creation, development, and maintenance of the library's website, evaluation and implementation of technologies that support the goals and mission of the library, acquisitions, collection development, cataloging, and electronic and print resources management in support of the library's goal to have a robust collection that serves the library's users. To recommend that the Library purchase particular resources, contact Ramune Kubilius, Collection Development/Special Projects Librarian, (312) 503-1912.

The Department is dedicated to providing rapid and reliable access to our resources. We manage the Library's acquisitions process, including licensing electronic resources. For questions about acquisitions contact Jon Shank, Acquisitions and Electronic Resources Librarian, (312) 503-1201.


Gifts of Materials to the Library

As part of the selection process, the Department accepts relevant gifts of books, videos and DVDs.  For questions about material donations to the Library contact Ramune Kubilius, Collection Development/Special Projects Librarian, (312) 503-1912.


Providing and Maintaining Access to Our Collections

After we acquire and catalog resources, the Department makes the resources available to the Library's users, and, in the case of electronic resources, maintains reliable access to them.  When problems occur with access to electronic resources, the Department addresses them in a timely fashion.


Cataloging and Metadata

A record is created and added to the Library's catalog for every resource owned by the Library. Also, records are created for certain "Open Access" electronic resources that are freely available. All of the resources are cataloged using the appropriate standards (AACR2, NISO, etc.) and metadata schema (MARC, EAD, XML, etc.). Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) are assigned to every resource, and print books and videorecordings are classified using the National Library of Medicine Classification. The Department is also responsible for the quality control of all of the data in the Library's catalog. The Department participates in Northwestern University's LCSH/MeSH Mapping Project.  For questions about cataloging and metadata contact Tony Olson, Cataloging Librarian, (312) 503-8125.



To preserve and promote the intellectual work of the Northwestern Medicine community, the library has created DigitalHub, an institutional repository for the research and scholarly output of Northwestern Medicine. DigitalHub brings together and provides open access to Northwestern Medicine scholarship, across all disciplines, facilitating its discovery and recognition by the international community.  For questions about DigitalHub, contact Violeta Ilik, Head, Digital Systems and Collection Services, (312) 503-0421.




Violeta Ilik
Head, Digital Systems and Collection Services
Digital Innovations Librarian
Email Violeta
Professional Website

Piotr Hebal
Systems Analyst/Programmer
Email Piotr
Phone: 312-503-7074

Ramune Kubilius
Collection Development / Special Projects Librarian
Email Ramune
Professional Website

Anton Olson
Cataloging Librarian
Email Tony
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Joelen Pastva
Metadata Librarian
Email Joelen

Jonathan Shank
Acquisitions and Electronic Resources Librarian
Email Jonathan
Phone: 312-503-1201

Susan Wishnetsky
Assistant Collections Librarian
Email Susan
Phone: 312-503-9351


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