Laptops and Wireless Access in the Library


Galter Library affiliates can use their laptops within the library. All networking and connection technical support is provided by NUIT. If you have any questions or need technical assistance with the wireless network, please contact the NUIT Help Line at 847-491-HELP (on campus dial 1-HELP).

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Wired Ethernet

Active Ethernet jacks are marked with signs and are available in the following locations:

1st Floor
 Study Bar  Active ports are marked.
2nd Floor
 East/West Reading Rooms  Ports in the study carrels are active as marked.
 Conference Rooms  Each conference room contains one active Ethernet port; two of the conference rooms (2-013 and 2-282) both have multiple active ports (with built in cables) in the tables.

If you would like to borrow an Ethernet cable, please stop by the Circulation desk.

The wired Ethernet ports are available to all Galter affiliates. Most users will not need to configure their laptops at all, but you may need to activate DHCP to automatically detect our network settings.

For help with a wired connection, see:

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Wireless Internet Access

There is 802.11b compliant wireless Ethernet access throughout most of the Galter Library, including the lower level which is also a designated silent study zone.

There are two ways to access wireless within Galter Library:

1. NU affiliates should authenticate via NetID and password. The wireless network is supported by the Northwestern University Information Technology department. They have provided a support page that contains information on how to configure your laptop for wireless access.

2. Guest users should use the "Guest Northwestern" SSID, accessible from most wireless access point locations across campus. Access will be granted for a 24-hour basis that begins at the time of registration. Re-registration is required each additional day, as needed. Northwestern's guest wireless service is unsecured and should not be used for sending or receiving sensitive information. For security purposes, internal University-wide systems, including licensed library resources are not accessible via the guest wireless network. If you need to access library resources, use one of the Galter Library's public computers. You can obtain a temporary NetID from the front desk.

The guest wireless network is intended for use by University visitors only. Members of the University community should continue to use the "Northwestern" network.

If you have any questions or need technical assistance, please contact the NUIT Help Line at 847-491-HELP (on campus dial 1-HELP).

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Updated: March 9th, 2015 11:03