Library Classes: The NIH Relative Citation Ratio and iCite tool

The Relative Citation Ratio (RCR) is an article-level, field normalized metric supported by the National Institutes of Health’s Office of Portfolio Analysis. The iCite tool provides a dashboard of metrics, including the RCR for groups of papers. This class provides a basic overview of the Relative Citation Ratio and the iCite tool.

By the end of this class, the user will:

  • Have a basic understanding of how the Relative Citation Ratio is calculated, it’s strengths and limitations,  and how it differs from similar metrics
  • Know how to properly use the iCite tool and understand the various metrics it provides
  • Have examples of how to use the Relative Citation Ratio in a narrative or visualization
  • Learn about other article-level, field normalized metrics that are available

This class is approximately 1 hour long.

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