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Find a Journal


Finding Journals

To find a specific journal, search for it using GalterSearch on the library website.

  1. Use either the Search Box in the website banner or click Search in the main menu, and go from there. Both options will produce the same results.
  2. Enter the first few words of the journal title. For titles that are likely to produce many results, e.g. Cell or Science, you may want to use the title search option outlined next.
  3. For a search by title, enter the first few words of the title in the search box, choose “in the title” from the Search which fields? drop-down and click Search.
  4. If you do a title search, you will probably find the book you want quickly. If you still have a lot of results, use the Narrow your search by options on the left side of the results page to limit to journals, online, etc.
  5. To access an online journal click on Links and select one of the online access options.

To find only electronic journals on a given subject, click Browse By Subject at the bottom of the GalterSearch form.

Galter Library no longer stores print journals on-site. You can order any article from the print collection using the interlibrary loan service.

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Updated: August 24th, 2015 09:25