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GalterLists is retired

GalterLists were collections of favorite and recommended links, created by both librarians and users. We retired GalterLists in January 2019. Learn more about GalterList alternatives.

  • I want a list of recommended resources on a topic.
    Try our new GalterGuides
  • I want access to a personal list I created.
    Contact your liaison librarian to get a HTML bookmarks file of an old list you created.
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Importing an old GalterList into your browser

In late 2018, we contacted GalterList users to notify them of the system's upcoming retirement and gave them an option to download their lists as HTML bookmarks files. You may have downloaded your list at that time. If you didn't and still want access to the links in your old GalterList(s), contact your liaison librarian.

You can then import the bookmarks file into your browser. Instructions are available for: Chrome | Firefox | Safari

To ensure seamless access to your list of links, we recommend that you use NU VPN or the Galter Proxy button. Using one of these options means that you don't have to be signed into the Galter Library website first.

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Is there any other product you’d recommend for maintaining links or organizing resources?

Journals only

If you'd like to create a specialized list of journals only, create a bookshelf in Browzine (Galter home page --> Popular Resources --> Browzine). You will need to create a personal account in Browzine and search for your favorite journals. Once done, sign into the library's website and use Browzine to access your bookshelf of journals.

Journals, databases, books, and other websites

There are a number of products that have similar (and better) functionality than GalterLists. We don’t endorse any of these but feel free to test them out:

Dropmark | Pocket | Tagpacker | Bookmark Ninja | Chrome Tagging | Other products

If you decide to use one of these products, you should use it in conjunction with NU VPN or the Galter proxy button to ensure seamless access to licensed resources.

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I just want a list of top resources in my field

If you don't need to create a personalized list of links, and only need access to a curated set of resources created by us here at the library, then our new GalterGuides are for you. Librarians are building these daily. Check GalterGuides to see if your subject is there, many of which will be grouped under the Clinical Medicine category.

Have a recommendation for a resource to add to one of the subject guides? Contact the guide owner listed or your liaison librarian.

Have a recommendation for a a guide in a subject area we haven't covered? Contact your liaison librarian.

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Why did you eliminate GalterLists?

Very few of our users took advantage of the ability to create their own lists of resources. Rather than expend programming resources maintaining and enhancing GalterLists, the library has rolled out a new guides management system, GalterGuides, and is in the process of building up content for this platform. The new guides system will present information in a clearer and more informative way. However, it won't allow users to create or edit their own lists of resources. For that, use one of the options outlined above.

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Updated: January 17th, 2019 09:21