What are GalterLists?

GalterLists are collections of favorite and recommended links, created by both librarians and users. The library is in the process of retiring GalterLists and replacing it with our new GalterGuides platform. The new system will no longer offer the ability to create or edit your own lists of resources, features that were little-used in the GalterLists platform. We encourage you to download the links on your personal GalterLists or lists your have favorited before we retire GalterLists from the library website entirely. GalterLists will no longer be available after December 31, 2018.

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How to Download Links from a GalterList

  • Go to the GalterList you wish to access: All Lists | My Lists
  • Look for the Download button at the top of the list: 
  • Click the button to download a html file of the links on that list.
  • Import the bookmarks file into your browser. Instructions are available for: Chrome | Firefox | Safari
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Is there any other product you’d recommend for maintaining links or organizing resources?

There are a number of products that have similar (and better) functionality than GalterLists. We don’t endorse any of these but feel free to test them out:

Dropmark | Pocket | Tagpacker | Bookmark Ninja | Chrome Tagging | Other products

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Why are you eliminating GalterLists?

Very few of our users took advantage of the ability to create their own lists of resources. Rather than expend programming resources maintaining and enhancing GalterLists, the library has rolled out a new guides management system, GalterGuides, and is in the process of building up content for this platform. The new guides system will present information in a clearer and more informative way. However, it won't allow users to create or edit their own lists of resources. 

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Updated: November 6th, 2018 12:14