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Remote Access to Licensed Resources


If you are connecting from off-campus, sign into the Galter Library website first to guarantee seamless access to the library's licensed resources.


First-time users of Galter Library off-campus access will need to create a library website account. You will need a NetID to get started. Off-campus access is only available to currently-affiliated faculty, students, residents and staff of the Feinberg School of Medicine.

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Get the Galter Proxy Button

Are you in the habit of forgetting to sign in to the library website before you begin your search? The Galter Proxy button is the solution for you!

The Galter Proxy Button is a bookmarklet you can drag to your browser toolbar. The Galter Proxy Button reloads a web page through the Galter Library proxy server. If you're at home and not yet signed in to the library website, you can quickly access a library-subscribed article by clicking on the Galter Proxy Button. After clicking on the button you'll be prompted to sign in to the Galter Library website. After signing in, the article will be reloaded through the Galter Library proxy server and you'll be able to read the full text.

Let's say you're doing research from home, using Google or some other web search engine, and stumble upon an article you want to read, only to find out that a subscription is required to view the full text.  If you hadn't started your research at the Galter Library website, you would have to sign in to the Galter Library website, locate the journal, and locate the article again. After installing the Galter Proxy Button the process is seamless. When you discover that article, just click on the Galter Proxy Button, sign in to the library website with your NetID/password and you will be redirected back to the article. If that journal is licensed by Galter Library or other Northwestern University Libraries, you'll be able to start reading it right away. Caveats of using the Galter Proxy button are that the library may not subscribe to the journal you are trying to proxy or the library may subscribe to the journal through a third-party vendor and you are trying to access the article directly from a link to the publisher website. In the latter case you may be able to access that article from the third party vendor found in GalterSearch.

For more information, see our guide which explains how to install the Galter Proxy Button.

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Updated: January 16th, 2019 08:39