Genetic Counseling
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ALFRED ALFRED is a free, web-accessible, curated compilation of allele frequency data on DNA sequence polymorphisms in anthropologically defined human populations. Data in ALFRED are linked to literature, molecular, and ethnographic databases Tags Save
Atlas of Human Malformation Syndromes in Diverse Populations The NHGRI has begun development of an atlas of genome malformations. It is browsable by condition or by geographic population. Tags Save
CarpeDB: A Comprehensive Database on the Genetics of Epilepsy Tags Save
Center for Genetic Medicine - Northwestern University Northwestern University's Center for Genetic Medicine Tags Save
CGAP and CGCI - Cancer Genome Anatomy Project & Cancer Genome Characterization Initiative The goal of the NCI's Cancer Genome Anatomy Project is to determine the gene expression profiles of normal, precancer, and cancer cells, leading eventually to improved detection, diagnosis, and treatment for the patient. Includes high-quality histology photos of tissue expression. Tags Save
CINAHL CINAHL seaches nursing and allied health journal literature. Many of these indexed journals contain articles pertaining to genetic counseling. Tags Save
Clinical Genomics: Practical Applications in Adult Patient Care | AccessMedicine | McGraw-Hill Medical Tags Save
Database of Genomic Variants A comprehensive summary of structural variation in the human genome. Tags Save
dbGaP The database of Genotype and Phenotype (dbGaP) was developed to archive and distribute the results of studies that have investigated the interaction of genotype and phenotype. Such studies include genome-wide association studies, medical sequencing, molecular diagnostic assays, as well as association between genotype and non-clinical traits. Tags Save
Developmental biology NCBI online book focusing on the cell and molecular mechanisms of development Tags Save
DG-CST Database A collection of conserved sequence elements, identified by a systematic genomic sequence comparison between a set of human genes involved in the pathogenesis of genetic disorders and their murine (mouse) counterparts. Tags Save
ENCODE Project at UCSC Browser and portal for NHGRI's ENCODE project. This is the official repository of sequence-related data for the ENCODE Consortium and supports the coordination of data submission, storage, retrieval, and visualization. Tags Save
FINDbase Worldwide An online repository of information about the frequency of different mutations leading to inherited disorders in various populations around the globe. Tags Save
G2D: Candidate Genes to Inherited Diseases The Genes2Diseases server presents precomputed candidate genes for more than 600 genetically inherited diseases that have been mapped onto chromosomal regions without assignment of a particular gene. Tags Save
GenAtlas GENATLAS contains relevant information with respect to gene mapping and genetic diseases. GENATLAS is structured in three databases: Genes database, Phenotypes database, Citations database (linked to the two previous). The information is collected from published literature. Tags Save
GeneCards GeneCards is an integrated database of human genes that includes automatically-mined genomic, proteomic and transcriptomic information, as well as orthologies, disease relationships, SNPs, gene expression, gene function, and service links for ordering assays and antibodies. Tags Save
Gene Reviews GeneReviews are expert-authored, peer-reviewed, current disease descriptions that apply genetic testing to the diagnosis, management, and genetic counseling of patients and families with specific inhe Tags Save
Genes and disease NCBI online resource on genetic basis of disease Tags Save
GeneTests Managed by the NIH, GeneTests provides publicly funded medical genetics information resource developed for physicians, other healthcare providers, and researchers. Tags Save
Genetic Conditions / Rare Conditions Information Site University of Kansas. Information on lay advocacy and support groups, genetic conditions/birth defects for professionals, educators, and individuals, national and international organizations. Tags Save
Genetics Home Reference National Library of Medicine resource for genetic information targeted toward the public Tags Save
Genetic Testing Registry (GTR) GTR replaces GeneTests from the NCBI. It provides details on genetic tests: test's purpose, methodology, validity, evidence of the test's usefulness, and laboratory contacts and credentials. Tags Save
Genome Browsers and Tools Resource List Galter Library-created list of genome browsers and genome analysis servers Tags Save
Glossary of Genetic Terms NIH-maintained database of terms seen in genetics Tags Save
GWAS Central GWAS Central provides a centralized compilation of summary level findings from genetic association studies Tags Save
HGMD®: Human Genome Mutation Database The HGMD is a comprehensive listing of gene mutations. Users must register for the most current version, which is free to academic users. Tags Save
Human Genome Epidemiology Network - HuGENet Human Genome Epidemiology Network, or HuGENet, is a global collaboration of individuals and organizations committed to the assessment of the impact of human genome variation on population health and how genetic information can be used to improve health and prevent disease. Tags Save
Journal of genetic counseling Tags Save
National Human Genome Research Institute | | The NHGRI is the home organization for the Human Genome Project and a source of a great deal of information on genomics and genetic research Tags Save
NIAID HIV Protein Interaction Project NCBI. The goal of this project is to provide scientists in the field of HIV/AIDS research a summary of known interactions of HIV-1 proteins with host cell proteins, other HIV-1 proteins, or proteins from disease organisms associated with HIV/AIDS. NOTE: This database has not been updated since 2007, but the formatted search links of NCBI databases retrieve up-to-date results. Tags Save