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Mental measurements yearbook with Tests in print Only 4 simultaneous users. Please click Exit when finished. (Contains reviews of tests, not text of tests) Tags Save
PsycBOOKS Contains approximately 55,000 chapters in PDF from over 3,500 books, nearly 2,600 classic books of landmark historical impact in psychology, and more than 1,500 authored entries from the APA/Oxford University Press Encyclopedia of Psychology. Tags Save
PsycCRITIQUES Includes approximately 40,000 reviews dating back to 1956. It also publishes reviews from a psychological perspective of popular films and trade books. Tags Save
PsycEXTRA Includes technical, annual and government reports, conference papers, newsletters, magazines, newspapers, consumer brochures and more. Tags Save
PsychiatryOnline Tags Save
PsycINFO Provides coverage of behavioral science and mental health fields, containing over 3.3 million citations and summaries. Journal coverage, which spans from 1800s to present, includes international material selected from around 2,500 periodicals. Tags Save
PsycTESTS Features instruments that are relevant to psychology and related fields. Provides access to thousands of actual test instruments, most of which are available for immediate download and use in teaching and research. Tags Save