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PBL: Health & Society Resources
Owner: Linda O'Dwyer

Description: Resources curated by Ronit Lever, MD

Item Description More Info
American Academy of Pediatrics “Advocacy & Policy” --> “AAP Policy” (Article Search Tool); Filter Search By: “Policy” --> “Policy Statement” Tags Save
CDC: Social Determinants of Health Social determinants of health statistics (i.e. smoking, alcoholism, poverty, etc.) Tags Save
CDC: WONDER Wide-ranging Online Data for Epidemiologic Research: a rich ad-hoc query system for the analysis of public health data. Tags Save
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “More CDC Topics” --> “Data & Statistics” Tags Save
Community Health Needs Assessments: Lurie Childrens's Hospital Tags Save
Community Health Needs Assessments: Northwestern Medicine Tags Save
Cook County Public Health Dept “Resources” --> “Data and Reports” Tags Save
Drug Price Search One of several commercial sites that offer discounts to patients. A good source for drug prices. Tags Save
FAIR Health Consumer User-friendly resource for determining a range of costs of various medical and dental services for those with commercial insurance in a given geographic area. Tags Save
Guideline Central Database for evidence-based medical guidelines. Tags Save
HCUPnet: the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project Search this database for healthcare statistics. Tags Save
Health Care Cost Institute “HCCI Publications” --> Healthcare cost and utilization reports; Issue briefs Tags Save
Illinois Dept of Public Health “Data and Statistics” --> select one of several option to query IL public health databases (i.e. birth rates, infant mortality, hospitalizations, substance abuse, transmissible diseases, etc) Tags Save
Illinois Medicaid Fee Schedules Tags Save
Medicare Fee Schedules Tags Save
NIH: National Library of Medicine: Health Services Research & Public Health Information Programs “HSR General Resources” --> “Data, Tools and Statistics”; “HSR Topics” --> (select topic) Tags Save
TOXNET: Toxicology Data Network Links: Drugs & Breastfeeding (LACTMED), occupational chemical exposures, household product safety, hazardous substances database (HSDB) Tags Save
US Preventive Services Task Force Screening guidelines for various diseases. Useful navigation: Recommendations--> Search Tags Save
World Health Organization Health Topics-->Data-->GHO Publications-->Reports OR Map Gallery Tags Save