Name Description
Sleep Fellowship

Updated: 09/22/16

Jim Brucker's design and writing reference

Updated: 03/10/08

This is a mix of commonly used resources for designing and maintaining websites
Protein Sequence and Structure

Updated: 10/10/08

A collection of tools and databases dedicated to protein sequence and structure.

Updated: 09/10/15

resources recommended by librarians
Amy Paller's GalterList

Updated: 08/07/12

Alexander Deleon's GalterList

Updated: 08/30/13

Paller's CogNS journal list

Updated: 03/17/09

Cognitive Neuroscience
Consumer Health - General

Updated: 06/28/12

Resources for patients and non-clinical staff
Consumer Health - Cancer

Updated: 06/28/12

Consumer health resources for cancer patients
Child Neurology Reference List

Created: 07/20/09

Child (Pediatric) Neurology References
Amit Prachand's GalterList

Created: 07/28/09

Frequent citation

Created: 04/19/11

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Resident Resource GalterList

Created: 02/02/12

Helpful pediatric emergency medicine resources for those residents.
Geriatric Psychiatry GalterList

Created: 03/29/12

Key resources for clinicians treating older adults with mental illness

Updated: 02/18/14

Reading for Epilepsy-EEG rotation
Thoracic Journals

Updated: 04/15/15

Health Administration

Updated: 03/21/18

Library created list of resources and information sources in the area of health administration, including health care economics..
Genome Browsers and Tools GalterList

Updated: 03/29/11

Servers, tools and databases available for various species' whole genome study
Nucleic Acids: Sequence Searching and Alignment

Updated: 10/10/08

Resources and databases for nucleotide sequence and alignment
Saul Soberanesarias's GalterList

Updated: 08/07/12

Mary Pranica's Temporary GalterList

Updated: 12/18/08

Sunit Das's GalterList

Updated: 08/07/12

Lin Sun's GalterList

Updated: 10/29/15

Lisa Wolfe's GalterList

Updated: 02/23/17

William Myers's GalterList

Updated: 10/21/12

Michael Schmidt's GalterList

Updated: 08/07/12

Dennis West's GalterList

Updated: 08/07/12

Stephen Devries's GalterList

Updated: 08/07/12

Yara Mikhaeil's GalterList

Updated: 09/27/14

John Clarke's GalterList

Updated: 03/17/17