Name Description
DGP (Driskill Graduate Program) Student Resources

Updated: 04/26/16

Library created list of resources for DGP students
Ebook Collections

Updated: 05/14/14

A list of links to electronic book collections available from Galter Library.
Clerkships: Obstetrics and Gynecology

Updated: 09/14/17

resources recommended by librarians for the Obstetrics and Gynecology clerkship
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Updated: 04/27/16

resources recommended by librarians

Updated: 08/10/17

Resources and websites of possible interest to health science program alumni of Northwestern University.
Clerkships: Psychiatry

Updated: 06/11/08

resources recommended by librarians for the Psychiatry clerkship
Statistical Methods

Updated: 10/22/15

resources recommended by librarians
Popular Resources

Updated: 02/08/10

Popular databases and resources for Galter Library website users
Medical Images

Updated: 04/22/09

websites and library resources for locating medical images
Writing and Terminology

Updated: 08/10/17

Library maintained list of resources of possible interest in health sciences writing and scholarly publishing.
Palliative Care

Updated: 09/29/15

resources recommended by librarians
Laparoscopic Surgery

Updated: 04/27/16

resources recommended by librarians
Gene Finding and Gene Identification Resources

Updated: 07/29/15

Servers and tools that scan a sequence for potential gene features
Northwestern Links

Updated: 10/29/08

to important sites and resources at NU

Updated: 10/31/08

resources recommended by librarians
Alternative Medicine

Updated: 07/07/16

resources recommended by librarians

Updated: 09/08/15

resources recommended by librarians
PubMed: Alternative Search Interfaces

Updated: 09/09/09

user-customized search interfaces for MEDLINE
Methods Research in the Health Sciences

Updated: 09/15/15

resources recommended by librarians

Updated: 10/27/17

resources recommended by librarians
Open Access Resources

Updated: 10/18/12

Links to Open Access publishing information sites and directories
Tests, Surveys, and Other Instruments

Updated: 08/10/17

Library maintained list that includes instruments used in psychology, behavioral, and related health sciences.
Laboratory Tools and Resources

Updated: 10/10/08

Websites and electronic resources that will help researchers find protocols and shared facilities
Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Updated: 01/14/09

resources useful for CME
Pathways and Pathway Analysis

Updated: 11/28/12

List of resources and databases for pathway analysis and systems biology
History of Medicine

Updated: 12/13/16

Resources and sources of information in the history of medicine and health sciences.
Evidence-Based Psychiatry

Updated: 09/08/15

resources for the EBP course for PGY-3 Psychiatry residents
Structure: Viewers, Databases and Tools

Updated: 12/05/08

This is a collection of web-based and downloadable tools for structure analysis.

Updated: 04/26/16

resources recommended by librarians
Protein Sequence and Structure

Updated: 10/10/08

A collection of tools and databases dedicated to protein sequence and structure.