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Violeta Ilik

Violeta Ilik
Head, Digital Systems and Collection Services
Digital Innovations Librarian
Ward 2-315
Phone: 312-503-0421
Email Violeta

ORCiD: 0000-0003-2588-3084

Northwestern Scholars 

As the Head of the Digital Systems and Collection Services (DSCS) Department I oversee the creation, development, and maintenance of the library's website, evaluation and implementation of technologies that support the goals and mission of the library, acquisitions, licensing, collection development, cataloging, and electronic and print resources management in support of the library's goal to have a robust collection that serves the library's users. I manage the institutional repository, DigitalHub, based on open source architecture – Fedora/Hydra stack with IIIF server and OpenSeadragon image viewer. As the Head of the DSCS I work with a wide range of campus stakeholders to develop and implement programs that increase awareness about scholarly communication issues in the digital environment among faculty, researchers, and students at Feinberg School of Medicine.



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  • Ilik, V. (2015). “Distributed Person Data: Using Semantic Web Compliant Data in Subject Name Headings” In Conference Proceedings, edited by Aida Slavic and Maria Inês Cordeiro, International UDC Seminar, Classification and Authority Control: Expanding Resource Discovery. (pp. 53-65). Würzburg: Ergon Verlag. http://dx.doi.org/10.18131/G32G7X
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Professional Memberships and Service

American Library Association (ALA), Member
ALCTS Scholarly Communication Interest Group, Chair
VIVO17, Conference Program Chair
VIVO Camp Task Force, Member
NASIG Program, Vice-Chair
PCC Identity Management Task Group
Medical Library Association (MLA), Member
OpenRIF, Development Team, Member


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