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Jonna Peterson


Jonna Peterson, MLIS
Senior Clinical Informationist
Ward 2-330
Phone: (312) 503-5431
Email Jonna

Hello there!!  My name is Jonna and I'm the Senior Clinical Informationist here at the Galter Library.   What is a clinical librarian, you ask?   My work is primarily done on the units in the hospital by participating in clinical meetings, attending rounds, and helping to assist the attendings, residents, and students in answering clinical questions .  You may see me tagging along with one of the Medicine teams on Galter 13. I'm also a liaison to the groups you see listed below.  If you are a member of the department or divisions on this list, feel free to give me a ring or send me an email should you need any assistance.  

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Posters and Presentations

Peterson, J., Miller, C., Gutzman, K.   Can I Get a Visual?  The Impact of the New Clinical Informationist Program.  Poster Presentation, Annual Meeting of the Medical Library Association (MLA), Seattle, May 2017.

Raszewski, R., and Peterson, J. Looking Back to Go Forward: 5 years of Health Sciences Library Practicums. What Have We Learned?  Poster Presentation, Annual Meeting of the Medical Library Association (MLA), Toronto, May 2016.

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