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Systematic Review Services


So you want to write a systematic review. Where do you start? How many databases should you search? How do you come up with the different search strategies in unfamiliar databases? What tools should you use to screen the articles? What’s a systematic review protocol? What are PRISMA guidelines?

If you have questions like this, we recommend you consult with a librarian at the outset of your project, when you are planning your review. Galter librarians can collaborate with you to:

  • Formulate your research question.
  • Investigate whether there is already a published systematic review on your topic or whether there is one currently under development.
  • Plan the search and write the search methods for your review protocol.
  • Determine which sources to search and develop sensitive search strategies for each source.
  • Identify appropriate search filters and execute the searches.
  • Deliver de-duplicated search results in a mutually agreed upon format (e.g. EndNote, RIS, Word).
  • Identify tools and strategies to capture the data for the PRISMA flow diagram.
  • Document the search process for reporting purposes.
  • Write the search methods of the review.

Librarians collaborating on systematic reviews commonly satisfy the criteria for authorship set forth by ICMJE. Co-authorship is expected when a librarian serves as collaborator rather than a consultant. If your project is in support of a grant proposal, plan to discuss the appropriate allocation of effort and include the librarian as a co-investigator or consultant.

Please download Preparing for your systematic review, view our systematic reviews guide, and contact Linda O'Dwyer if you are interested in learning more about systematic review services available through Galter Library.

Are you affiliated with the Department of Pediatrics or Lurie Children's Hospital? Please contact Lurie librarians, Andrea Fawcett & Peggy Murphy for systematic review assistance.

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Updated: November 27th, 2018 10:24