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Library Policies


Galter Library Welcomes You

The Galter Health Sciences Library & Learning Center stands with Northwestern University’s commitment to a welcoming and inclusive community, regardless of beliefs.

This Library Welcomes You
All races, ethnicities, and nationalities,
All religions and diverse abilities,
All sexual orientations and gender-based identities.
This Library is a safe space.
This Library Encourages You
To pursue knowledge and discovery,
To exercise your right to digital privacy and intellectual freedom,
To contribute your very best and profoundly change the world.

Knowledge knows no borders.

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Library Access

Please visit our Library Access page for specific policies related to accessing Galter's resources, and accessing the library building.

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Food and Drink in the Library

Beverages with secure lids (water bottles, travel mugs, take out cups) are permitted. Through a new pilot program, we are testing a food policy. Food may only be consumed in the Searle Reading Room and Under Mezzanine spaces on the 1st floor (food is not allowed in any small group rooms nor is food permitted in the Eckenhoff Reading Room). Social activities involving food are not permitted and all waste must be disposed of properly. Masks must be worn at all times in accordance with NU masking guidelines. The success of this pilot will require a community effort; please encourage each other to maintain a clean space and follow NU masking guidelines.

You may step outside of the library to Starbucks and Method Atrium to use the tables anytime.

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Web Privacy Policy

Learn more about the Galter Library website's privacy policies.

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The Galter Library welcomes trained service animals on a harness, leash, or other type of tether. Users who bring non-service animals into the library will be asked to leave.

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Appropriate Use of Electronic Resources

Please visit our Appropriate Use of Electronic Resources page for specific policies related to the use of electronic resources provided by Galter and Northwestern University Libraries.

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Updated: October 25, 2021