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Printing and Scanning



The library offers 3 printers throughout the library for your use.  You can print to them from a library computer, a personal laptop or even from outside the library.

Use the BookScan Station in the Reference Room to scan books or multiple-page documents. Scanned files can be sent to email, saved to USB Drive or Google Drive, or faxed.  The Library does not have a photocopier.

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Printing costs and payment

Northwestern users print through NUPrint, a system that processes requests and charges fees to a WildCard. Printing costs for members of the Northwestern community are:

  • Two-sided (duplex) black and white prints:  5 cents per side (10 cents per sheet)
  • One-sided (simplex) black and white prints: 7 cents per sheet
  • Color prints: 25 cents per sheet

Please note that no refunds are issued for funds that are unused when you leave the University.

Guest users must use cash for all printing transactions.

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Library printer locations

All printers are capable of color or black & white, simplex or duplex printing.

  • Study Area, 1st floor.  This location includes a coin tower.
  • The Mezzanine
  • East end, 2nd floor (near library elevator)
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Printing Instructions

Whether you are working at a computer at the library or working remotely, you will print through the NUPrint web portal. A NetID and password are required to log in.  First time users will be prompted to set up an account.

Print from a library workstation

  1. Follow the normal procedure for printing from a PC or Macintosh. Choose from B&W or Color, and Single or Double Sided printing.
  2. Go to any printer in the library to release a job.

How to use NUPrint (Video)

Print from your personal device or outside the library

  1. Login to NUPrint using your NetID and password.
  2. Click on the "Web Print" link in the site's left-hand navigation.
  3. Click on the "Submit a Job" link.
  4. Select Galter Library.
  5. Use a cPad or Print Release Station to release your print job from the queue. If you do not release your job within 24 hours of uploading a file to your queue it will be automatically deleted.
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Manage Your Account

In addition to submitting printing jobs through NUPrint, you can also manage the following items on your print account:

  • Set up a PIN for your account
  • Add money to your NUPrint account using a credit card. ($10 minimum)
  • Check the balance on your account.
  • Upload a document to print from your laptop.
  • See a history of your printing activity.
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Printing for Guest Users

Guests can print when logged onto a library computer with a guest NetID and password. Use the instructions below to submit a print job and use a Print Release Station.

1.   Print your job. Choose from B&W or Color, and Single or Double Sided printing.
2.   Go to the Print Release Station in the LRC.
3.   BEFORE inserting cash in the coin box, log in using your Guest NetID in the "Username" field and your password in the "Password" field. Then click on the "OK" button.
4.   Add cash to the coin box to cover the cost of your print job(s) in the queue. Click on the "Refresh" button to update the funds total.
  • To release a print job from the list, click on the "Print" button for the print job.
  • To delete a print job from the list, click on the "Cancel" button for the print job, and click on the "Yes" button when prompted.
  • To delete all print jobs, click on the "Cancel All" button in the lower right hand corner of the screen, and click on the "Yes" button when prompted.
  • When you are finished, click on the "Done" button in the lower right hand corner of the screen.
5.   Note: If there are funds left over, you must click on the "Return it" button to get your change. If you click the other button you will lose the funds in the account at the end of the day. All guest accounts expire daily.
6.   The coin box will return change rounded to the nearest 5 cents
7.   Pick up your print job(s) from the printer.

Please report problems to the nearest service desk.

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Galter Library does not charge for the use of the BookScan station. With the BookScan scanner, you can email a scan or save it to a USB device or Google Docs.

How to use the BookScan station

  • To scan a document, begin by tapping the screen of the BookScan station.
  • Select the scanning device you wish to use. If you are scanning a bound document, select the flatbed scanner. If you are scanning loose sheets, select the scanner with the document feed. Then tap "Next."
  • Select one of the three destinations for your scanned document: a USB drive, Google Docs, or email. Then tap "Next."
  • Read the copyright and maximum file size notifications and tap on "Accept."
  • Select your preferred file format, color mode, and resolution. BookScan defaults to PDF, grayscale, and standard resolution. To minimize the size of the scanned document, select "Photo Quality." Then tap "Next."
  • Read the instructions on the screen for scanning your document and tap "Next."
  • Scan your document, and tap on "Send" when you are finished.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to save or email your scanned document.
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Updated: July 24, 2022