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DigitalHub grows with each new submission


by Karen Gutzman and Ramune Kubilius

For many researchers, creating and managing a cohesive online presence is a time-consuming task. DigitalHub, Northwestern Medicine’s openly available online repository of scholarly outputs, strives to make it easier and faster for you to upload and share your various outputs online. Uploading your items to DigitalHub helps to increase your digital footprint and get your research into the most influential spaces.

Many researchers have taken advantage of DigitalHub in the past year. See two of our most high profile users below.



Leah Welty, PhD, Associate Professor of Preventive Medicine (Biostatistics) used DigitalHub to share a description of her StatTag software. The description is accompanied by a link to the software in GitHub. In less than a year, she has received over 330 views and 41 downloads of her software description. DigitalHub has made connecting researchers to her work far easier.  






Science in Society, Northwestern’s research center for science education and community engagement created a collection in DigitalHub of award winning scientific images. In less than a year, the 12 images from 2015 have received over 338 views and 32 downloads. DigitalHub connected new users with these stunning images.


We are often asked how quickly items in DigitalHub accumulate views and downloads. The answer is quickly; which should come as no surprise since DigitalHub is crawled by Google. Our enhanced metadata ensures that your uploads are found in relevant Google searches by users around the world.


An example of quick uptake from using DigitalHub – consider this image of Clinical and Translational Science term clusters by Kristi Holmes, PhD, Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine and Medical Education and Director of Galter Health Sciences Library. The image was uploaded in early April 2017, and in less than two days the image received 29 views and 2 downloads.




DigitalHub is one of the strongest assets for managing open access, and increasing dissemination of your scholarly outputs. It is easy and fast to take advantage of DigitalHub for your benefit. Sign into DigitalHub with your NetID and password, and begin uploading files. Remember to consider copyright restrictions for published works. If you have any questions, consider contacting your Liaison Librarian.


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Updated: March 5, 2020