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DigitalHub Now Supports Datasets


Great news! The DigitalHub repository at Galter Health Sciences Library now accepts the deposit of datasets associated with publications to help investigators comply with journal data sharing policies. DigitalHub supports a variety of file and compression formats to meet your needs.

The current file size limit is 2 GB and supported compression file extensions include:

  • zip - application/zip
  • 7z - application/x-7z-compressed
  • bz2 - application/x-bzip2
  • tar - application/x-tar and application/x-gtar
  • gz - application/gzip and application/x-gzip

A number of benefits are afforded to investigators who use DigitalHub:

  • A persistent, citable identifier (DOI) is assigned to all items deposited in DigitalHub
  • Access metrics (views downloads, etc.) are available for deposited items
  • Manage licensing with a wide range of rights statements
  • Machine-readable metadata (descriptive “data about data”) enhances its discoverability

Please feel free to contact DigitalHub support directly at if you have any questions or need assistance with depositing larger files.

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Updated: March 5, 2020