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GalterLists Featured as an Inventive Program in Library Journal


This article was featured in Library Notes #60 (January 2010).

Add to GalterListGalterLists, the library's customizable lists and tagging tool, was recently featured in Library Journal, a publication of the American Library Association. The tool was chosen as one of seven inventive programs used by different U.S. academic libraries to attract newcomers on campus.

If you use the library website, you are probably already using GalterLists. Every time you sign into the Galter Library website and use your home page list of favorite resources, you are accessing your GalterList. Librarians have also created several subject-oriented lists to get users started on any number of topics. With GalterLists you can add resources (both Galter and non-Galter links) to your list of favorites, create as many lists as you want, and share those lists with your colleagues. It's a great option for reading lists and journal clubs.

The ins and outs of GalterLists, including a brief introduction video, are covered in our GalterLists guide. We've also recently released a GalterLists FAQs page. Got a question about GalterLists or a suggestion for an enhancement? Let us know.

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Updated: September 25, 2023