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Love Data Week 2020: The Future of Data


By: Sara Gonzales, Data Management Librarian

2019 was an exciting year in data initiatives at the Galter Health Sciences Library & Learning Center. We launched a new service called the Galter DataLab, a collaboration between Galter librarians and the National Center for Data to Health (CD2H) to provide training and accessibility to data-related resources for faculty, staff, and students of the Feinberg School of Medicine. The DataLab has produced a number of classes on methods, techniques, and best practices in data management, with more due to debut throughout the year. One of the DataLab’s most significant efforts for ensuring accessibility and reproducibility of research data has been its collaboration on the upcoming next-generation institutional repository tool, InvenioRDM.

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InvenioRDM is a robust, modular, scalable, open source software solution originally created at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. For the past twenty years versions of this tool have been used to safely store, preserve, and retrieve multiple petabytes worth of data typically collected in physics experiments. Through a new collaboration with Northwestern University and nearly twenty other collaborators, CERN has expanded its efforts to create a turnkey next-generation repository solution that will make research datasets discoverable, cite-able through minting of DOIs (digital object identifiers), sortable into communities and collections based on collaborations, projects, and studies, and trackable through a variety of advanced metrics. The repository can be used to foster collaborations, to search and retrieve datasets of interest, and to deposit data to meet data sharing requirements or recommendations of journals and funders, including the NIH. With its firm foundations in past successes, InvenioRDM is poised to be a future-facing, long-term data preservation solution.

InvenioRDM is set to debut on the Chicago campus later this summer. To store your data with a little TLC and for discoverability and share-ability now, you can make a deposit or create a collection at the Feinberg School of Medicine’s institutional repository, DigitalHub.

For other Love Data Week tips, watch Twitter this week for #LoveData20. Librarians from the Chicago and Evanston campuses will be tweeting about data management tips, data resources on both campuses, and any and all things data. Feel free to join in the fun, and grab our attention using @GalterDataLab!

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Updated: August 24, 2020