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Major Upgrade to Feinberg’s Publication Tracking System, Northwestern Elements


In July of 2023, Northwestern Elements experienced a substantial upgrade, transitioning from Elements version to version 6.11. This upgrade was successfully carried out through a seamless collaboration between Galter Library and FSM Information Technology, with minimal impact on users.

The Elements URL remains unchanged. While there have been slight adjustments to user roles within Elements, we anticipate no issues for our users. Please refer to the Northwestern Elements Guide for more information.  

Some changes users will notice:Elements HomePage Screenshot

  • The Elements homepage has been redesigned to create an action-oriented dashboard-style experience. The familiar ‘My Actions’ section has been re-vamped adding new visuals and additional guidance information to ensure researchers are empowered to complete key tasks. 
  • The Elements menu has been rearchitected to focus on key use cases, providing users with a clear overview of the functionality available to them, while the new design creates more space within the menu and improves readability. There is a new ‘menu search’ to allow you to quickly find the page you need.

We anticipate that Elements users will enjoy an enhanced experience and will be able to make the most of the newly designed pages. To ease the transition for users, Galter Library has created several short videos detailing specific workflows in Elements.  

In addition to these videos, Galter Library holds semi-regular training in curating and refining publication data in Elements. Helpful resources for users include:GalterGuides_Logo

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Updated: September 14, 2023