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NIH Makes Biosketches Easier with SciENcv


SciENcv can be used for biosketches or curricula vitae (CVs coming soon)

At Galter Library, we occasionally are asked if there are any automatic CV generating or biosketch generating platforms available online. Up until now, there hasn't been a good answer for this question.

The NCBI has created a new tool for biographic sketch generation from your publications in your MyNCBI MyBibliography: SciENcv.

SciENcv allows researchers to select from among their publications in their My NCBI My Bibliography and automatically add them to a pre-formatted, NIH-compliant biosketch template. In the future, users can also add other data on teaching, degrees and other fields necessary to generate a full CV. This platform is most useful for NIH-funded researchers, but plans are in the works to make SciENcv compatible with the generation of biosketches for many other government funding agencies such as the NSF and the Department of Defense. The NCBI also plans to make SciENcv interoperable with university institutional profile systems to make importing data for CVs easier.

Try SciENcv now.

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Updated: March 5, 2020