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October 2021: National Medical Librarians Month


The Medical Library Association (MLA)  created the National Medical Librarians Month observance to raise awareness of the important role of the health information professional. This year's theme is: Avoid Misinformation! Take the Right Path: Partner with your Medical Librarian. We're here to remind you that when it comes to finding credible health information quickly and efficiently, there are no better partners than medical librarians. Library and health information professionals are the experts in areas such as information management and services, evidence-based practice, and research impact. Perhaps you aren't fully aware of just how much the library can help you ...

Did you know that the library has clinical informationists who can round virtually with your teams? The library’s information experts are here to help you as much or as little as you need. Maybe you just want some tips to enhance your own search skills or perhaps you’re pressed for time and you’d like a librarian to perform the search for you. There may also be valuable literature databases and other resources about which you are not aware: a consultation with one of the library’s information experts could save you time and ensure that you don't miss out on anything important.

We are also experts in systematic review collaborationresearch impact analysis, and NIH mandate support. Galter librarians can train you on how to use citation management tools such as EndNote or fill you in on our bioinformatics support. And best of all, these services are available at no charge to all currently-affiliated Feinberg School of Medicine faculty, staff, students, and residents. Let us work with you to fulfill all your search and information management needs! 

How should you start? Where possible, the library tries to match requestors with the liaison librarian for their department, program or center. Find out who the liaison librarian is for your department.

You can also contact our Reference Desk to initiate a consult: fill out the Ask a Librarian form. Find out more about obtaining research help from the library. And remember: We're not here only during National Medical Librarians Month -- we're available all year around to help you get the information you need effectively and efficiently.

Contact a librarian expert today!

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Updated: October 4, 2021