Collections: Statistics, Description, and Philosophy



The following statistics reflect the state of the Galter Library's collection as of August 31, 2017.

Number of electronic journals       7,848
Number of electronic books       5,785
Number of print volumes (remote storage)      162,384
Number of print volumes (on-site)      21,843
Number of subscription databases        149
Total collection budget   $1,936,037
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Brief Library Description

The Galter Health Sciences Library is sometimes asked to provide a brief description of the library, its resources and its services to Feinberg School of Medicine affiliates for grant applications. Please feel free to use the following text. If you need additional information, contact us.

The Galter Health Sciences Library’s mission is to support the research, education, and patient care activities of the Feinberg School of Medicine and the McGaw Medical Center. The library’s website provides 24-hour access to a vast collection of online medical resources including over 7,848 e-journals; 5,785 e-books; and 149 literature databases. Users can also create and customize personal lists of web resources using GalterLists. Other library services include training in literature searching; curriculum and research support through the library's liaison program; EndNote and publication support; document delivery to users’ desktops; and wireless access throughout the library. In FY 2016, there were 546,984 visits to the library's website and 1,614,033 page views.

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Collections Philosophy


This Collections Philosophy guides Galter Health Sciences Library staff in our current acquisitions practices for building the best collection for the Feinberg School of Medicine community. This document is meant to work in conjunction with all other relevant library policies.

Scope of the Collection.

Galter Health Sciences Library strives to offer its users a current, top-quality, relevant collection in line with the library’s mission and strategic plan. We use our expertise to assess and acquire resources in a variety of formats and seek out electronic collections whenever feasible to meet users’ needs for access. We add to the collection year-round to support emerging research, clinical, and education needs in the Feinberg School of Medicine’s missions, programs, departments, and initiatives.

For more details about Galter's collections philosophy, see the Collection Management and Metadata Services department page.

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Updated: January 26th, 2018 16:53