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Library Classes: How to Prepare a New NIH Biosketch

This class describes the NIH biosketch format and demonstrates tools available at the NIH's My NCBI platform for creation of biosketches with the SciENcv tool and a user's My Bibliography in My NCBI. We also describe ways of maximizing your impact for your Contributions to Science.

At the completion of this class, the participant will:

  • Know the format of the NIH biosketch
  • Know what types of publications and objects of scholarly activity can be included on the biosketch
  • Know how to create a new biosketch or import information from an existing profile
  • Know how to import publications from My NCBI's My Bibliography to populate sections of the sketch
  • Know how to download a Word-formatted document for editing
  • Be able to identify databases for finding citation metrics for enhancing ontributions to science statements
  • Learn about alternate sources of impact to include in contributions to science
  • Learn about ways to describe alternate outputs of scientific productivity beyond journal publications


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