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Library Classes: DigitalHub: Preserving and Sharing Your Work Using NM's Repository

This class provides an overview of DigitalHub, Northwestern Medicine’s open access repository, and provides hands-on instructions to individuals interested in curating their scientific and scholarly work. We describe how DigitalHub is used by the Northwestern Medicine scholarly community to preserve scholarly works, enhance their visibility and make them more discoverable. This class includes a hands-on portion for depositing works into the repository. Future plans for DigitalHub will be described.

Instructions to class participants: If you have a file that you wish to deposit to DigitalHub, please bring it on a USB.

At the completion of this class, the participant will:

  • Know the basic overarching principles of an institutional repository such as DigitalHub
  • Know what types of publications and scholarly output can be included in the repository at this time
  • Understand if they have the rights to deposit previously published work in DigitalHub
  • Understand the principles and advantages of making deposits publicly accessible
  • Know how to upload publications and other scholarly output into DigitalHub (including the steps and agreements)
  • Know how to create a collection in DigitalHub (including a multi-page image collection)
  • Learn about ways to describe deposits in DigitalHub and use them as a way to archive your scientific productivity
  • Learn about alternate sources for depositing data that cannot at this time be deposited into DigitalHub


DigitalHub FAQs and Help:



There are no DigitalHub: Preserving and Sharing Your Work Using NM's Repository classes scheduled at this time.