Library Classes: Evaluating Published Studies: Critical Appraisal

Freshen up your knowledge or build your confidence in critically appraising biomedical studies. This class covers several core aspects of assessing the quality of research evidence and examines specific methodological issues related to study design and bias in published research.

At the completion of this class, the participant will:

  • Understand the key aspects of critical appraisal
  • Identify common systematic errors (bias) in biomedical research
  • Understand common statistical terminology such as "number needed to treat" and "confidence intervals.”
  • Be able to assess the quality of reported results and interpretations
  • Appraise a published study using an appropriate checklist
  • Know how to locate critical appraisal tools


Critical Appraisal Resources

There are no Evaluating Published Studies: Critical Appraisal classes scheduled at this time.