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Library Classes: Ovid MEDLINE

An introduction to basic searching of the National Library of Medicine's biomedical database, MEDLINE, using the Ovid search interface.

CLASS OBJECTIVES: At the completion of this class, the participant will:

  • Know how to access Ovid MEDLINE when on-campus or off-campus
  • Know the scope of the MEDLINE database
  • Understand how to convert a problem/question into a search strategy
  • Understand the difference between using Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) and keyword searching, and know how to use Ovid's mapping feature
  • Understand how to explode and focus a search
  • Understand limits and how they can be used to further refine a search
  • Understand the content and format of a citation record and how to access full-text where available
  • Know how to print, save, or e-mail the search results
  • Know how to save search results for importing into a reference management program such as EndNote



There are no Ovid MEDLINE classes scheduled at this time.

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