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Models & Equipment


Anatomical Models

Anatomical model headAnatomical models can be used anywhere in the library but can only be checked out from the library if needed for a class. Instructors should contact the library for permission ahead of time to take a model out of the library

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Models Available on Level 1

  • Accupressure points
  • Arm, muscular
  • Breast, female
  • Ear
  • Elbow
  • Eye
  • Foot joints; Foot and ankle
  • Heart
  • Hip joint; Hip bones with femur tops
  • Knee
  • Leg, muscular
  • Liver
  • Lungs
  • Pancreas with gallbladder and spleen
  • Pelvises, male and female
  • Sexual organs, male and female
  • Shoulder
  • Spine w/ sacrum and spinal cord; Spine - short vertebrae column
  • Shoulder
  • Stomach
  • Torso
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Models Available at the Circulation Desk

  • Brain (2)
  • Brain stem (2)
  • Ear
  • Hand, muscles and blood vessels
  • Hand and wrist, functional model
  • Head and neck
  • Heart (2)
  • Larynx, cartilages
  • Pelvises, male and female
  • Sexual organs, male and female
  • Skull, Beauchene didactic
  • Skull, Beauchene exploded
  • Skull, classic adult
  • Skull, fetal
  • Skull, half skull
  • Skull, transparent
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Medical, AV, & Productivity Equipment

The following items are available at the circulation desk.

Medical Equipment
The library offers blood pressure cuffs and diagnostic sets containing an ophthalmoscope, otoscope and throat illuminator for use inside or outside the library.

Adapters and remotes
The library has adapters (dongles) available to connect your computer to the video displays in our conference rooms and classrooms.  Remote controls for all monitors are also available. Adapter styles and cables include:

  • Mini DisplayPort to VGA or HDMI
  • USB-C to VGA or HDMI
  • HDMI cables

Productivity tools
These items are intended for in-library use only

  • extension cords / surge protectors
  • headphones
  • mice with USB cables

Additional Equipment
Other available equipment includes:

  • LCD projector
  • Portable screens
  • a Mobile Monitor Cart with a DVD/VCR combo

Please call us at 503-8126 with any questions or inquiries about equipment and related policies.

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Updated: January 25, 2022