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Welcome to New and Returning Students


Galter Health Sciences Library would like to extend a warm welcome to all new students who have just joined us here at Northwestern University as well as all our returning students. Here are some quick answers to get you situated quickly:

  • We're currently undergoing renovation but we hope to have Level 2 study areas, conference rooms, and the extended hours study space open soon. In the meantime, study areas are available in the Reference Room and on the Mezzanine level (half-way up the main staircase)
  • You can access the wireless network from most locations in the library. Use "Northwestern."
  • Printing is available in the Reference Room and the Mezzanine [yes?]. Costs are 10 cents per double-sided sheet for black and white; 7 cents for single-sided black and white; 25 cents for color.
  • Scanning is available. Use either the BookScan station or the scanner attached to computers with Adobe Professional, both in the Reference Room.
  • Off-campus access to library Web resources is possible by signing in to the Galter Health Sciences Library website. Click My Galter at the top-right part of the home page to get started.
  • Conference rooms are currently closed due to the renovation but will be open soon. When open, you can stop at the front desk to make a reservation.
  • Textbooks required for classes are on reserve at the Circulation Desk, many of them are also online (see the Phase 1 Reading List); Electronic article reserves are available through eMerg.
  • Your librarian is Molly Beestrum, who supports the MD, PA, PT, MPO, MPH, and Genetic Counseling programs. For other programs, check our liaison librarian list.

Useful web pages:

Program-specific guides to help you find resources:

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Updated: August 4, 2019