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Ramune Kubilius


Ramune K. Kubilius, MALS, AHIP
Collection Development / Special Projects Librarian 
Ward 2-654
Phone: 312-503-1912
Email Ramune

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Publications and Presentations


  • Kubilius, Ramune K.. Surveying the Medical IR Landscape for Presentation or Publication: Challenges and Opportunities. Medical Institutional Repositories in Libraries (MIRL), Nov. 17 2022, [virtual lightning talk].

  • Kubilius, Ramune K. and Keller Young, Megan. Local Information Network Support and Shared Expertise: the 20-year Experience of CAMA. SLA Midwest Symposium, June 10, 2022. [virtual lightning talk] ; also on-site lightning talk presentation at Midwest / MLA conference (Bloomington, IN, Oct. 2022): Kubilius, Ramune K..;  Keller Young, Megan; Wheaton, Nathalie. 20 Years of Local Informal Network Support and Shared Expertise: Chicago Area Medical Archivists (CAMA).

  • Kubilius, Ramune K and Palmer, Lisa A. Institutional Repositories in the Health Sciences: A View of the Landscape. (invited introductory presentation for: Health Science Librarians of Illinois, virtual conference CE 2: Panel discussion- Institutional Repositories- the joys and challenges, September 8, 2022). DOI:

  • Kubilius, Ramune K and Lawrence, Janna C. Staying Ahead of the Future: Developing Your Library's Collection Philosophy and Policy. (Handout developed for use in one of a six-series on-site sessions entitled, "21st Century Health Sciences Collection Development & Resource Sharing Symposium"). Medical Library Association annual conference, New Orleans, LA., May 5, 2022.

  • Kubilius, Ramune. Unseen Labor: An ATG Interview with Ann Kardos and Gretchen Neidhardt. Against the Grain: Linking Publishers, Vendors and Librarians 34(2): 68-70, April 2022. Charleston Hub blog posting. Full article.


  • Kubilius, Ramune and Butzen-Cahill, Tim. Health Sciences Ebooks in 2021: Availability, Challenges, and Trends, Special ebooks issue, Against the Grain: Linking Publishers, Vendors and Librarians 43:4, September 2021.
  • Kubilius, Ramune. Scholarly Communication and Publishing Developments: A Sampling. Breakthroughs August 2021, p. 11  [Feinberg School of Medicine, Research Office, monthly newsletter].


  • Joelen Pastva, Bart Davis, Karen Gutzman, Ramune Kubilius & Aaron Sorensen (2020) Compelling Evidence: New Tools and Methods for Aligning Collections with the Research Mission, The Serials Librarian 2020: 219-27. Accepted author manuscript.
  • Kubilius, Ramune. Feature Article: Scholarly publishing trends: preprint servers and disappearing scientific journals. Biofeedback 45 (4), Fall 2020: 3-5.
  • Collection Development Best Practices. Compiled by Ariel Pomputius, Karen McElfresh, Ramune Kubilius. Medical Library Association Collection Development Caucus [formerly: Section] (Version 1.0, 2019).
  • Barr G., Espinoza A.M., Gutzman K.E., Kubilius R.K., Lattal K.A., Miller C.H., Wescott A.B., Zmaczynski M.A. Operations Saving Lives: Northwestern as the 12th General Hospital During WWII. Poster exhibit presented at Galter Health Sciences Library & Learning Center. 2019 August; Chicago, IL. [virtual exhibit]
  • Kipnis, Daniel G; Palmer, Lisa A; Kubilius, Ramune K. The Institutional Repository Landscape in Medical Schools and Academic Health Centers: A 2018 Snapshot View and Analysis. Journal of the Medical Library Association 107(4): 488-98, October 2019. DOI10.5195/jmla.2019.653. PMC6774547.
  • Kubilius, Ramune. Ensuring Style Consistency in Your Manuscripts' References. Breakthroughs October 2019, p. 10. [Feinberg School of Medicine, Office of Research, monthly newsletter]
  • Pastva, Joelen, Bart Davis, Karen Gutzman, Stacy Konkiel, Ramune Kubilius, and Aaron Sorenson. "Compelling evidence: new tools and methods for aligning collections with the research mission." NASIG 34th Annual Conference. Omni William Penn Hotel, Pittsburgh, PA. 15 June 2019. Conference presentation.


  • Kubilius, Ramune K. On the Winds of Change: The Health Sciences Institutional Repository Landscape-Highlights from a recent survey’s findings. Presentation in: On the Winds of Change- Repositories, Researchers, and Technologies (18th Health Sciences Lively Lunchtime Discussion). Charleston Conference: Issues in Book & Serial Acquisition, 2018 annual conference, Charleston, SC, November 5-9, 2018. Expanded abstract in Proceedings.
  • Kubilius, Ramune K. Anniversaries and Commemorations: Opportunities for Health Sciences Librarians. Health Science Librarians of Illinois (HSLI) annual conference, Rockford, IL, September 26-28, 2018. [lightning talk]. 
  • Kubilius, Ramune K., Special health sciences issue editor (and author of Introductions), Trends in the Health Sciences and Biomedical Sciences Information Landscape: IntroductionAgainst the Grain: Linking Publishers, Vendors and Librarians 30(4), September 2018.
  • Palmer, Lisa; Dan Kipnis; Ramune K. Kubilius. Taking the Temperature of Health Sciences IRs: A Survey and Analysis of Medical Schools' Institutional Repositories. Open Repositories 2018 Conference (OR), Bozeman, MT, June 4-7, 2018. [conference presentation]
  • Kubilius, Ramune K. Librarian as Physician Immigrant History Researcher: A Confluence of Questions, Sources, and Challenges. Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies (AABS) 2018 Conference, Stanford University, June 1-3, 2018. [conference presentation]
  • Kipnis, Dan; Lisa Palmer; Ramune K. Kubilius. Taking the Pulse of Health Sciences IRs: An Environmental Scan of Medical Schools’ Institutional Repositories. Southern Miss Institutional Repository Conference (SMIRC), Hattiesberg, MS, April 26-27, 2018. [conference presentation]
  • Ilik, Violeta; Piotr Hebal; Anton Olson; Susan Wishnetsky; Joelen Pastva; Ramune Kubilius; Jonathan Shank; Karen Gutzman; Margarita Chung; Kristi Holmes. DigitalHub: A Repository Focused on the Future. Medical Reference Services Quarterly 37(1):31-42, 2018. [Open Access copy in PubMed Central

2017 and earlier

  • Pastva, Joelen; Jonathan Shank; Karen E. Gutzman; Madhuri Kaul; Ramune K. Kubilius. Capturing and Analyzing Publication, Citation, and Usage Data for Contextual Collection Development. NASIG 32nd Annual Conference, Indianapolis, IN, June 9, 2017. Conference presentation. Serials Librarian 2018: 102-110.
  • Kubilius, Ramune. What We’re Doing: NLM Traveling Exhibits at Northwestern University. Medical Library Association, History of the Health Sciences Section blog, Incipit, posted March 29, 2017.

  • Kubilius, Ramune K., Featured article, Taking Advantage of Opportunities to Network and Learn Outside of Librarianship, Doody Core Titles, June 2014

  • Shedlock J; Sims R; Kubilius R. Promoting and Teaching the History of Medicine in an Undergraduate Curriculum. [Paper Presentation], Medical Library Association annual meeting, Honolulu, HI, May 2009.

  • Kubilius, Ramune K., Special health sciences issue editor (and author of Introductions), Against the Grain: Linking Publishers, Vendors and Librarians: 2014: 26(2), April, 2014; 2011/2012: v.23(6) December 2011/January 2012; 2008v.20(5), November 2008.

  • Shedlock J, Sims RH, Kubilius RK.  Promoting and teaching the history of medicine in a medical school curriculum. J Med Libr Assoc. 2012 Apr;100(2):138-41. PMID: 22514512; PMC3324806.
  • Kubilius, Ramune, e-Books in the Health Sciences: Trends and Challenges, Against the Grain 17(1): 36, 38-40, special electronic books issue, February 2005. 
  • Kubilius, Ramune K. and Walton, Linda, Seize the E-Journal: Models for Archiving Symposium: Report, J Med Libr Assoc 93(1): 126-9, January 2005. PMID:15685287; PMC545134.
  • McGaghie WC; Downing SM; Kubilius R, What is the Impact of Commercial Test Preparation Courses on Medical Examination Performance?, Teach Learn Med. 2004 Spring;16(2):202-11. PMID:15294461.
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  • Kubilius, Ramune K. Holistic Thinking in Collections and Collection Development. Health Science Librarians of Illinois (HSLI) annual conference, held virtually October 27-29, 2021. DOI: 10.18131/g3-s3ss-t430
  • Barr, Gabrielle; Espinoza, Abebi;  Gutzman, Karen; Kubilius, Ramune; Lattal, Katie; Miller, Corinne; Wescott, Annie; and Zmaczynski, Mary Anne. Preserving and Honoring the Legacy of WWII Medical Efforts. Poster Presentation, Medical Library Association vConference 2020. DOI: 10.18131/g3-havk-rp07
  • Kubilius, Ramune K. Medical Archives and History: Local Informational Network Support and Shared Expertise of CAMA. Poster Presentation, Health Science Librarians of Illinois (HSLI) annual conference, Champaign, IL, September 2019. DOI: 10.18131/g3-zx67-cx41
  • Miller, Corinne; Wescott, Annie; Kubilius, Ramune; Q. Eileen Wafford. Development and Validation of a Search Filter in PubMed MEDLINE for Immigrant Health Disparities. Poster Presentation, Medical Library Association annual conference, Chicago, IL, May 2019. DOI: 10.18131/g3-861k-y439
  • Kubilius, Ramune; Gutzman, Karen; Miller, Corinne. Collaborating Within the Library: Bringing History and Impact to the Forefront. Poster Presentation,  Midwest Chapter / Medical Library Association annual conference, Ypsilanti, MI, October 2017 and Health Science Librarians of Illinois annual conference, Bloomington, IL, October 2017. DOI: 10.18131/G3NX5XI
  • Kubilius, Ramune. Medical Bookplates (Ex Libris) Continue to Fascinate. Poster Presentation, Midwest Chapter / Medical Library Association annual conference, Ypsilanti, MI, October 2017 and Health Science Librarians of Illinois annual conference, Bloomington, IL, October 2017. DOI: 10.18131/G3SM7T
  • Ilik, Violeta; Hebal, Piotr; Olson, Tony; Stirnaman, Jason; Kubilius, Ramune; Wishnetsky, Susan; Gutzman, Karen; Shank, Jonathan; Holmes, Kristi: "Supporting the Spectrum of Scholarship in DigitalHub". Poster Presentation, Force 2016 Conference, Portland, OR, April 2016. figshare
  • Kubilius, Ramune K. Learning About the World of Special Collections: Stewardship, Inventories, Treasure Hunts, Genealogy...Poster Presentation, Midwest Chapter / Medical Library Association annual conference, Louisville, KY, October 2015. DOI: 10.18131/G37P4D
  • Kubilius RK and Rethlefsen ML. One (Online) Site: A New Paradigm for MLA Concurrent Session Planning? Poster Presentation, Medical Library Association annual meeting, Boston, MA, May 2013 and Midwest Chapter / MLA annual meeting, East Peoria, IL, October 2013. DOI: 10.18131/G3KW2T
  • Kim J; Garfield CF; Suhr K; Kubilius R; Silver R. Perinatal Depression Content in Electronic and Print Textbooks from Multiple Medical Specialties. Poster Presentation, American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology annual meeting, San Francisco, CA, May 2010.
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Updated: November 21, 2022