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Ramune Kubilius

Ramune K. Kubilius, MALS
Collection Development / Special Projects Librarian 
Ward 2-656
Phone: 312-503-1912
Email Ramune


Publications and Presentations

Kubilius, Ramune K. "Learning About the World of Special Collections: Stewardship, Inventories, Treasure Hunts, Genealogy...". Poster Presentation, Midwest Chapter / Medical Library Association annual meeting, Louisville, KY, October 2015.

Kubilius, Ramune K., Special issue editor, 7 articles (and author of Introduction), Trends in Health Sciences and Biomedical Sciences Information and Services Provision, Against the Grain: Linking Publishers, Vendors and Librarians 26(2), April, 2014; also Against the Grain special health sciences issues editor: v.20(5), Nov. 2008 and v.23(6), Dec. 2011/Jan. 2012.

Kubilius RK and Rethlefsen ML. "One (Online) Site: A New Paradigm for MLA Concurrent Session Planning?". Poster Presentation, Medical Library Association annual meeting, Boston, MA, May 2013 and Midwest Chapter / MLA annual meeting, East Peoria, IL, October 2013.

Shedlock J; Sims R; Kubilius RK. Promoting and Teaching the History of Medicine in a Medical School Curriculum [Brief Communication] J Med Libr Assoc 2012 Apr; 100(2): 138-41. PMID: 22514512; PMC: 3324806.

Kim J; Garfield CF; Suhr K; Kubilius R; Silver R. "Perinatal Depression Content in Electronic and Print Textbooks from Multiple Medical Specialties". Poster Presentation, American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology annual meeting, San Francisco, CA, May 2010.

Shedlock J; Sims R; Kubilius R. "Promoting and Teaching the History of Medicine in an Undergraduate Curriculum". Paper Presentation, Medical Library Association annual meeting, Honolulu, HI, May 2009.

Kubilius, Ramune K. and Walton, Linda, Seize the E-Journal: Models for Archiving Symposium: Report, J Med Libr Assoc 93(1): 126-9, January 2005. PMID:15685287; PMCID: PMC545134.

Kubilius, Ramune, e-Books in the Health Sciences: Trends and Challenges, Against the Grain 17(1): 36, 38-40, special electronic books issue, February 2005.

McGaghie WC; Downing SM; Kubilius R, What is the Impact of Commercial Test Preparation Courses on Medical Examination Performance?, Teach Learn Med. 2004 Spring;16(2):202-11. PMID:15294461.


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