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Library Renovation Update


The Galter Health Sciences Library & Learning Center is currently undergoing its first major renovation in over twenty years. When the renovation is complete, we will have improved spaces for students and library staff, a new computer classroom, and a more inviting and appealing environment for study and research.

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What's Happening Right Now?

April 2019

  • Work has begun in the former LRC classroom to make way for a coffee shop. A temporary wall now separates the LRC from the construction zone. The 24/7 study space will remain open throughout this phase of construction.
  • The East Reading Room on Level 2 is currently closed to users as work continues on the new library computer classroom.
  • The Mezzanine level is being overhauled to create a new student-centric space as well as workspaces for library staff.
  • Special Collections is temporarily closed until further notice. Limited historical reference services will be available via email: Please allow additional time for responses to requests.
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Working Timeline

Work has already begun within the library and there will be construction in the library throughout most of 2019. The project is broken down into discrete phases to allow continued access to the library during construction. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Here is the working timeline for the project. We will update the timeline as the project progresses.

  • Winter 2018/19: Construction of a new library computer training facility and a conference room on 2nd floor, construction of new student-centric space on mezzanine.
  • Spring 2019: Physical connection to the Louis A. Simpson and Kimberly K. Querrey Biomedical Research Center via bridge, expansion of Special Collections and refurbishment of library staff workspaces on 2nd floor, and opening of new cafe in former Learning Resources Center teaching space on 1st floor.
  • Spring/Summer 2019: Expansion of 24/7 library space on 1st floor and refurbishment of study areas under mezzanine.
  • Summer 2019: Refurbishment of 2nd floor, including Dollie's Corner, the West Reading Room, study areas, and conference (PBL) rooms; Construction of additional conference (PBL) rooms on 2nd floor.
  • Fall/Winter 2019: Refurbishment of the Eckenhoff Reference Room and library staff workspaces on 1st floor.
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Questions About the Renovation

When will it get really noisy?

We are making every attempt to schedule the loudest work during early morning hours before most people visit the library. However, there will be times when it gets rather loud. Earplugs are available at the front desk.

Will this affect the 24-hour space?

Not for a while. It will remain open until the summer of 2019 when that part of the Learning Resources Center is due to be renovated.

I heard Starbucks is moving in. Can you confirm?

We heard that, too. Stay tuned for details as we get them.

Who should I contact if I have questions about the renovation?

Feel free to contact Galter Library Administration if you have questions. 

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Updated: April 22nd, 2019 14:31