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Galter Staff Highlights: Mohammad Hosseini, PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar


Mohammad Hosseini sitting in a chairMohammad Hosseini is a Postdoctoral Scholar in the Department of Preventive Medicine (Health and Biomedical Informatics) based at Galter Health Sciences Library and actively collaborates with the Northwestern University Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (NUCATS). Born in Tehran (Iran), he received his MA in Applied Ethics from Utrecht University (2016, The Netherlands) and completed his PhD in Research Ethics and Integrity at Dublin City University (2021, Ireland), where he also served as a guest lecturer in ethics.

Motivated by the interdisciplinary nature and broad application of research ethics, Mohammad’s research has explored a variety of issues that affect all scholarly fields. He has examined practical challenges of using authorship definitions and the notion of equal first co-authorship, Open Science practices and the intersectionality of new technologies and ethics in relation to citation accuracy. Mohammad works with members of the FORCE11 community to improve the modern dissemination of scholarship and the effective use of information technologies as a leader of the Attribution Working Group. Through his scholarship, Mohammad has found a means of social activism within academia to uncover biases related to scholarly research and publications. Mohammad’s recent work has focused on advocating for the interests of underrepresented groups through exploring challenges faced by international researchers and gender biases in academia.

Since joining Northwestern in September 2021, Mohammad’s insights have been essential to new and ongoing projects that aim to identify ethical issues in collaborative research and suggest possible solutions for reoccurring inequities. For instance, in collaboration with Data Librarian, Sara Gonzales MS, MLIS, he is currently investigating the perspectives of researchers with different roles in collaborative environments. Furthermore, he is working with members of NUCATS to analyze ethical issues in Translational Sciences. Mohammad has recently received the Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities Exploratory Grant that supports his work with faculty mentor and Director, Kristi Holmes, PhD, and Research Librarian Eileen Wafford, MSt, MLIS, on the Ethics of Contributor Role Ontologies and Taxonomies. He has also received the Mission Advancement Award from the Department of Preventive Medicine to support his collaboration with Kristi Holmes, Sara Gonzales and Matt Carson, PhD, to improve the comprehensibility of Contributor Roles. We are thrilled for Mohammad and look forward to the way that these awards will support and advance his research!

Mohammad’s background and expertise are an incredible resource to the work being done at Galter and across campus to uphold academic integrity, and we are excited for the impact his research will continue to have at such a critical time for research output and academic scholarship.

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Learn More about Mohammad's Recent Collaborations and Research

View Mohammad's Professional Profile.

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Updated: July 10, 2022