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The Galter Team: "Yes, we do that!"


“Yes, we do that!” was the theme of this October’s National Medical Librarians Month which captures the core approach of the Galter team in fostering the creation and sharing of knowledge among the Feinberg community. Our work is to ensure the availability of high-quality health and research information to our faculty, staff, and students. This past month we had an opportunity to appreciate and recognize our team and acknowledge the unique roles that allow us to carry out our mission of advancing leading-edge patient care, research, and education.

Medical Library Association: yes we do that infographicIn the fast and dynamic pace of the healthcare landscape, we know that our role often operates in the background, but we are here as a primary resource to support your access to accurate and up-to-date information. As you plan and navigate the various stages of your research be sure to check out our available resources and services related to systematic and scoping reviews, metrics and impact assessment, data management, and specialized support for clinicians.  Do you need expert search & analysis, improved outcomes, instruction and training, skilled information management, or vetted AI-generation information? Contact your Liaison Librarian, because “Yes, we do that!” 

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Recognition of Years of Service

Join us in recognizing and celebrating the professional milestones of our team members: 

5 years

Molly Beestrum headshotMolly Beestrum: As head of our Research and Information Services department, Molly Beestrum is an instrumental collaborator across library departments and Feinberg units. She helps to bridge information gaps for faculty and staff and empowers students to effectively access and utilize scholarly materials. Molly’s work enriches educational programming and curriculum support and enhances the workflows of our research and reference services.
Josh Elder HeadShotJosh Elder: Josh Elder, a Library Assistant in our Research Assessment and Communications department, provides various support services for communicating research impact and increasing the visibility and accessibility of research in digital environments. Through his detailed and diligent work in both Northwestern Elements and Prism, he improves and streamlines library workflows that directly impact the preservation and discoverability of online scholarship. Josh is a significant contributor to the library’s digital initiatives which expand Feinberg’s academic reach, showcasing scholarly excellence.
Sara Gonzales Head ShotSara Gonzales: As a Senior Data Librarian in our Digital Systems department, Sara’s work has been essential to developing an effective data management ecosystem of resources, services, and expertise for Feinberg. Her contributions include data management consultations, instruction, and course development; leading the Digital Initiatives Working Group; providing community management for the InvenioRDM repository community; and participating in special projects such as comprehensive outreach for the NIH-funded Generalist Repository Ecosystem Initiative. Sara’s meticulous work on Galter’s digital systems and DataLab services establishes the strong foundation we need to consistently advance our data capabilities and services.
Annie WescottAnnie Wescott: Annie Wescott is a Research Librarian in our Research and Information Services department. She is dedicated to meeting the educational and research needs of the Feinberg community and plays a crucial role in connecting researchers to vital information that advances their projects. She enhances student and faculty knowledge through education in accessing, appraising, and synthesizing scholarly content. Annie is a valuable partner in collaborative efforts across the library and her work significantly contributes to the quality of the resources and services Galter provides.

10 Years

Matt CarsonMatt Carson: As head of our Digital Systems department, Matt Carson has implemented significant changes that streamline workflows and digital infrastructures to create a more seamless experience for our patrons and staff. His background as a trained bioinformatician, coupled with his expertise in informatics and data science, makes him a driving force behind our digital initiatives. Matt’s team-based problem-solving and dedication to facilitating knowledge access create valuable partnerships both within and beyond the university. 
Mary Anne Head shotMary Anne Zmaczynski: Mary Anne Zmaczynski is our Public Services Librarian and Head of Galter’s Access Services department. She is committed to connecting our patrons with the resources and services they need and an integral collaborator with many of our departments, identifying and prioritizing the research needs of the Feinberg community and implementing reference support initiatives. Mary Anne is a dedicated advocate for our library spaces and is always thinking of innovative solutions to make Galter a more effective environment for research, collaboration, and creativity. 
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Updated: November 9, 2023