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Biosciences & Bioinformatics

There are multiple tools available free for molecular sequence searching and investigation. These classes provide users with hands-on introduction to some of these tools for molecular investigation.

Available Classes

Ensembl's BioMart interface is an easy-to-use web-based tool that allows extraction of data without any programming knowledge or understanding of the underlying database structure. You can query many sources of genomic data using simple or complex graphical menu queries and download the data in a format that you can use with other computational tools.

You have probably heard of or used the UCSC Genome Browser, but the Ensembl Genome Browser is a platform that also contains a wealth of information on dozens of species’ genomic data. This hands-on demonstration will show users how to navigate the basic Ensembl interface and find resources and supporting data from the Ensembl web site.

This class introduces users to the UCSC Genome Browser: how to search for genomic features, select tracks to view, and access specific genomic coordinates for features of interest.

In this course, we will guide you through the process of utilizing SciENcv to craft a comprehensive NSF Biographical Sketch and complete the Current and Pending (Other) Support form. SciENcv, an integrated tool within My NCBI, empowers you to construct professional profiles that can be publicly shared with others. The NSF mandates a biographical sketch and a Current and Pending (Other) Support form for all individuals designated as senior personnel.

This class provides researchers with the fundamentals of BLAST sequence searching and multiple sequence alignment.