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Conference room

Eleven conference rooms are available for group use. Curriculum-related events receive scheduling priority. Each room is equipped with a lightboard, chalkboard, network connections, table and chairs for approximately ten people.

Three of the conference rooms in the Learning Resources Center on Level 1 (1-411, 1-412, and 1-413) and two of the conference rooms on Level 2 (2-013 and 2-282) contain additional technology that makes them collaboration conference rooms. Each room contains a 50-inch Panasonic flat screen plasma display either mounted to the wall of each room or set on a cabinet against the back wall.  

The remainder of the conference rooms on Level 2 (2-004, 2-021, 2-027, 2-030 and 2-284) each contain a Mobile Monitor Cart (MMC), which is a 32-inch flat screen display on wheels. Each MMC has a VGA connection cable that should work with most Windows laptops; Mac users should bring an adapter or check one out from the front desk of the library. Audio cables are also available.

Note: MMCs can be removed from conference rooms by users for use elsewhere in the library. It is recommended that users reserve the MMC while reserving a conference room if they wish to have an MMC available to them while using the room. Only Feinberg School of Medicine affiliates can reserve rooms and equipment.

To reserve a conference room and a Mobile Monitor Cart you can:

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Conference Room Policies

Please abide by the conference room use policies:

  • Curriculum-related events take precedence over all other uses of conference rooms. However, one room (1-423 in the LRC) is not scheduled for curriculum use to support students who need a room for group study.
  • Group use takes precedence over individual use of the conference rooms.
  • Groups with reservations take precedence over groups without.
  • Rooms may be scheduled, for a block of up to three hours, at the circulation desk. If you want to use a Mobile Monitor Cart in the room, please reserve it when you schedule the room.
  • Only Feinberg School of Medicine affiliates can reserve rooms and equipment.
  • Unreserved conference rooms are available on a first come, first serve basis.
  • If a group fails to show up within fifteen minutes of its reservation, use of the room is forfeited. 
  • If a room is left unattended for more than fifteen minutes, use of the room is forfeited.
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Updated: August 24th, 2017 08:17