Collaborative and Quiet Zones


The Galter Health Sciences Library is divided into collaborative and quiet zones. Study zones have varied noise levels and allow users to determine which areas of the library are best for the type of study environment they need. Signs are posted in all areas of the library so it should be clear to users and staff what is permitted and expected regarding noise levels.

study zones

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Collaborative Zone

Where: Level 1, including the Reference Room and the Learning Resources Center (LRC)

  • Conversation permitted
  • Set cell phone to silent or vibrate
  • Short phone calls (please use the LRC or the water fountain/lockers hallway on Level 1)
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Quiet Zone

Where: Level 2, including Dollie's Corner

  • Occasional talking
  • Low speaking voice
  • No cell phone conversations
  • Set cell phone to silent or vibrate
  • Quiet when entering and exiting group study rooms

Note: The quietest area of study is the West reading room on Level 2.

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Updated: August 15th, 2014 12:06