Liaison Librarian Service


Reference RoomThe Galter Health Sciences Library's Liaison Librarian Service creates partnerships between the library and its constituents by pairing librarians with departments, centers, institutes, and programs at the Feinberg School of Medicine (FSM). The aim is to enhance communication, collaboration, and the effectiveness of the library in supporting the education, clinical, and research needs of the FSM community. Please see the Liaison Librarian Service description at the end of this page for further information.

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Departments Liaison  
Anesthesiology Linda O'Dwyer  
Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics Pamela Shaw  
Cell and Molecular Biology Pamela Shaw  
Dermatology Corinne Miller  
Emergency Medicine Linda O'Dwyer  
Family and Community Medicine Patty Smith  
Medical Education Jonna Peterson  
Medicine Jonna Peterson & Corinne Miller  
     Allergy-Immunology Jonna Peterson & Corinne Miller  
     Cardiology Jonna Peterson & Corinne Miller  
     Endocrinology, Metabolism, and Molecular Medicine Jonna Peterson & Corinne Miller  
     Gastroenterology and Hepatology Jonna Peterson & Corinne Miller  
     General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics Jonna Peterson & Corinne Miller  
     Hematology/Oncology Jonna Peterson & Corinne Miller  
     Hospital Medicine Jonna Peterson & Corinne Miller  
     Infectious Diseases Jonna Peterson & Corinne Miller  
     Nephrology and Hypertension Jonna Peterson & Corinne Miller  
     Pulmonary and Critical Care Jonna Peterson & Corinne Miller  
     Rheumatology Jonna Peterson & Corinne Miller  
Medical Social Sciences Corinne Miller  
Microbiology-Immunology Pamela Shaw  
Neurological Surgery Pamela Shaw  
Neurology Pamela Shaw  
Obstetrics and Gynecology Corinne Miller  
Ophthalmology Linda O'Dwyer  
Orthopaedic Surgery Pamela Shaw  
Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Eileen Wafford  
Pathology Pamela Shaw  
Pediatrics Jonna Peterson & Corinne Miller  
Pharmacology Pamela Shaw  
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Eileen Wafford  
Physical Therapy and Human Movement Sciences Eileen Wafford  
Physiology Pamela Shaw  
Preventive Medicine Mark Berendsen  
Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Linda O'Dwyer  
Radiology Eileen Wafford  
Radiation Oncology Eileen Wafford  
Surgery Eileen Wafford  
     Breast Surgery Eileen Wafford  
     Cardiac Surgery Eileen Wafford  
     Gastrointestinal & Oncologic Surgery Eileen Wafford  
     Organ Transplantation Eileen Wafford  
     Pediatric Surgery Eileen Wafford  
     Plastic Surgery Eileen Wafford  
     Thoracic Surgery Eileen Wafford  
     Trauma & Critical Care Eileen Wafford  
     Vascular Surgery Eileen Wafford  
Urology Corinne Miller  


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Feinberg Institutes & Centers

Institutes & Centers Liaison  
Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute Jonna Peterson  
Center for Genetic Medicine Pamela Shaw  
Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (NUCATS) Pamela Shaw  
     Center for Translational Innovation (CTI) Karen Gutzman  
     Center for Clinical Research (CCR)  Jonna Peterson  
     Center for Community Health (CCH) Eileen Wafford  
     Center for Data Science and Informatics (CDSI) Pamela Shaw  
     Center for Education and Career Development (CECD) Karen Gutzman  
Comprehensive Center on Obesity (NCOO) Linda O'Dwyer  
Comprehensive Transplant Center Eileen Wafford  
Feinberg Cardiovascular Research Institute Jonna Peterson  
Interdepartmental Immunobiology Center Pamela Shaw  
Institute for Public Health and Medicine (IPHAM) Eileen Wafford  
     Biostatistics Collaboration Center Pamela Shaw  
     Buehler Center on Aging, Health and Society Jonna Peterson  
     Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities Eileen Wafford  
     Center for Behavior and Health  Linda O'Dwyer  
     Center for Communication and Health Linda O'Dwyer  
     Center for Community Health Eileen Wafford  
     Center for Education in Health Sciences Jonna Peterson  
     Center for Engineering and Health Eileen Wafford  
     Center for Global Health Eileen Wafford  
     Center for Healthcare Studies Linda O'Dwyer  
     Center for Health Information Partnerships Jonna Peterson  
     Center for Patient-Centered Outcomes Mark Berendsen  
     Center for Population Health Sciences Eileen Wafford  
     Center for Primary Care Innovation Jonna Peterson  
     Center for Translational Metabolism and Health Jonna Peterson
Institute for Sexual and Gender Minority Health and Wellbeing Corinne Miller
Louis A. Simpson and Kimberly K. Querrey Institute for BioNanotechnology in Medicine (SQI) Karen Gutzman
Neuroscience Centers Pamela Shaw
     Les Turner ALS Research and Patient Care Center at Northwestern Medicine Pamela Shaw
     Center for Rare Neurological Diseases (CRND) Pamela Shaw
     Center for Circadian and Sleep Medicine Pamela Shaw
     Asher Center for the Study and Treatment of Depressive Disorders Linda O'Dwyer
     Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer's Disease Center Pamela Shaw
     Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies Pamela Shaw
     Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Center Pamela Shaw
Northwestern Scleroderma Pamela Shaw
Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at Northwestern University Eileen Wafford
Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center Karen Gutzman
     The Cancer Survivorship Institute (CSI) Linda O'Dwyer
     The Northwestern Brain Tumor Institute (NBTI) Pamela Shaw
     Northwestern Institute for Comparative Effectiveness Research (NICER) Mark Berendsen
Skin Disease Research Center Pamela Shaw
Stanley Manne Children's Research Institute Jonna Peterson & Corinne Miller
Women's Health Research Institute Corinne Miller


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About the Liaison Librarian Service

What are Liaison Librarians?

Liaison librarians have been designated as the primary contacts between the Galter Health Sciences Library and a department or center of the Medical School. The intention is to provide faculty, students, and staff with the name of at least one person they can call upon as a starting point for assistance with or information about any library service or issue. The liaison librarian will foster communication between the library and the Medical School’s programs, and understands the information needs of his or her department.

Liaison Librarians are:

  • Well-informed about the library’s collections, services, policies, and resources, and skilled in interpreting and promoting these to faculty and students in their departments
  • Knowledgeable of the subject matter and nature of the teaching and research conducted by the department
  • Adept at working together with teaching faculty to ensure that relevant information access skills and tools are incorporated into academic programs

Your liaison librarian will:

  • Actively foster communication with the assigned department or center
  • Provide education services to inform and teach users in the departments how to use the library’s resources and find information
  • Promote library services and resources to the departments and centers
  • Inform library users how to access library resources and services
  • Be a contact for collection development and requests for resources or services
  • Participate in professional development activities to enhance skills and knowledge to support assigned departments

What your liaison librarian can do for your department


  • Produce information guides on new services, collections, and research tools
  • Prepare or update subject research Web guides
  • Schedule regular on site visits, e.g. office or computer lab hours
  • Write a feature or column for your departmental newsletter
  • Send information packets to new faculty
  • Meet with the Department Head, faculty and staff members to learn about current plans for your department or center and gather feedback on the library services
  • Attend departmental meetings or other relevant gatherings
  • Serve on a departmental committee
  • Assist with departmental or center program, re-accreditation or grant applications

Orientations, Instructional Sessions and Demonstrations

  • Schedule individual orientation meetings with new faculty
  • Schedule library orientation sessions for new residents
  • Create, review and revise orientation or instruction programs
  • Demonstrate relevant library resources and services
  • Attend departmental events
  • Survey and document your faculty research interests

Collection Development

  • Create or update collection development profile for library materials
  • Perform a library collection review
  • Get feedback on serial and book use and elicit suggestions for purchase
  • Assist in evaluating and selecting materials for existing or future collections

Liaison Activities for the Curriculum

  • Work with you to insure information literacy is fully incorporated into the your curriculum
  • Establish a teaching partnership with a member of your department
  • Teach a course or a course component in your department or program
  • Establish a research partnership with a member of your department or program
  • Develop or help develop a program that promotes active student centered learning
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